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Delivery to Glorification

Our delivery to glorification is not up to us. If it were, we surely would fail, and we would stumble into Hell, because we are still great sinners…

Only When We Trust

Only when we trust that we really are loved intensely by God are we finally free to live in the ordinary and the present. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

We are Loved

We are loved by a perfect God, perfectly, totally, completely, without reserve, but at the same time irresponsibly, illogically and foolishly. ShareTweetPin0 Shares


The answer to the question “WHO AM I?” that all of us are dying to know the answer for and not just dying, but overworking, worrying, stressing, overloading…

The Only One

God is the only One, we are all second class. But loved greatly nonetheless. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

You are Loved

You are loved. ShareTweetPin0 Shares