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A Life of Repentance

Because his forgiveness is great we should always be leading a life of repentance (Romans 2:4). Constantly prepared to confess, repent and love. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Beyond What We can Sense

The more we become aware that life is way beyond what we can sense, is the moment we truly begin moving into understanding what real leadership is. ShareTweetPin0…

Transforming Our Mind

We should offer a life a living sacrifice by transforming our minds (Romans 12:1-2). ShareTweetPin0 Shares

The Comparison Game

Seeking to know the pleasure, found in getting more and more, will ultimately lead to a life of less and less. There is something beyond playing the comparison…

A Life Unlived

Believing one is entitled to, or deserving of something, may result in a life unlived. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

The Idol of Approval

Affirmation, love at all costs and relationships that give the feeling of life, do not in actuality give life. The idol of approval, neither gives grace or mercy….

Radically Different Life

The life we are called to be so radically different, and is to have such an impact in this world, it requires one to lead (Philippians 2:14-18). ShareTweetPin0…

Be the Vessel

Be the vessel in a man’s life that God uses to teach him how to love. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

What Christ was not Promising

Christ was not promising them a life free of suffering, never knowing sickness or pain. He had told them all through the journey these were the things they…

God’s our deepest joy, not the latest thing He gave us

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