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Our hearts, and our spirits know that we were meant for a glory beyond here

Connected to Gospel

Are we still connected to the gospel, or have we moved away? ┬áIs our response to ourselves and others based on gospel truth, or some other voice? ShareTweetPin0…

On a Journey

We are on a journey. If we are actively transforming our minds with the gospel then ever so slowly the power and condemnation of others will have less…

Precious Gospel Promise

This precious gospel promise should inspire, encourage us a create a desire within us to know the beloved Saviour better. Not to remain saved, to be brought into…

What We Need to Ask to God

What part of us do we need to ask God to give us greater wisdom and gospel understanding, that we can see our weakness, repent and enjoy sweeter…

In Christ

In Christ, we have the answers again as found in the gospel of grace. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Through the Gospel

We know through the gospel that we are the delight of God, His excellent ones, the apple of His eye, and the bride of Christ. We know that…

Getting the gospel or God’s love may not always make us feel on top of our game, for even Paul expressed fear

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Go and tell someone about God. God loves stories

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