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Make Disciples

You cannot make disciples without leading. So, essentially you cannot reflect Christ or allow the Holy Spirit to work out the life of Christ (Philippians 2:12-13), and exhibit…

Make Leaders

When Christ gave that command, He was essentially telling His disciples to go out in the world and make leaders. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

God will Indeed Deliver

Christ is telling the disciples (John 15) to be comforted that God will indeed deliver you as a perfect bride to Him and in doing so will prune…

The Difference

The difference between the rest of the disciples who betrayed Jesus and Judas is not a lack of betrayal or unbelief, but Judas never repented the rest did….

What Christ was not Promising

Christ was not promising them a life free of suffering, never knowing sickness or pain. He had told them all through the journey these were the things they…