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Wisdom Quote ADS

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Worship Quote

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Love One of Us

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Fix Your Eyes

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Give Thanks

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Every Good and Perfect Gift

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New Year’s Hope

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You are my eyes

You are my eyes


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If the Heart is Wrong

If the heart is wrong, then you can do a thousand things an hour, and you will have failed to worship God and serve others correctly. If you…

Half Hearted Effort

It is impossible for your affections to be set on the Wonderful Prince Jesus and give half hearted efforts. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Give Your Heart

Give your heart to the One who gave all His to you. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Give More of Your Heart

As you give more of your heart to God, your passion and your affections will ignite others. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Fail to Lead

If we keep living in the land of make-believe controlled by what only we can see and what we can sense, we will always fail to lead. Learning…

Tell Us to Run (Lead)

When someone tells us to run, we do not ask of ourselves to do more, but we ask of ourselves to become more aware of our heart condition…

The Secret of Running (Leading)

The secret to running (leading) is not found in how far, how much, or even in how fast. It is found in who controls the affections of our…

Controlled Heart

If our hearts are controlled by the Prince we will love, empower, enable, support, encourage, enrich more, and point and tell less. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

What Our Job is

Our job is to help others reflect the love of Christ by leading. This is what it means to build disciples. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Become More Jesus Aware

Are we becoming more self-aware of why we do things, to become more Jesus aware, aware of how radiant his beauty is every moment (Hebrews 12:1-2)? ShareTweetPin0 Shares