2 Timothy 2:8-13 (CEV)

Keep your mind on Jesus Christ! He was from the family of David and was raised from death, just as my good news says. And because of this message,…

Luke 1:37

Deeper Understanding of God’s Love

The deeper our understanding of the height, width and depth of God’s love grow (Ephesians 3:14-21), the more we desire to exhibit. Consequently, the less we care if…

Lack of Praise

Where there is a lack of praise in one’s life, one can be sure that most of one’s attention will be on whether things are going as we…

Grow in Awareness of Need

It is impossible to grow in one’s awareness of one’s need for grace, one’s need for a big Savior and at the same time, grow in sensitivity to…

God Helps Us in Daily Walk

Has Something Better

God always has something better.

Acknowledging God’s Glorious Works In His People

Father, may we acknowledge it is You who is truly at work in all of us. If we were to repent, it is by Your grace that renews…

God Sees and Hears

He sees and He hears.

Best Creation

2 Peter 1:3

God can Hear You

God can hear you, so start talking!

What Salvation Deals with

We must never forget that the word salvation in our language deals with not only our justification, (being saved from the penalty of our sin) but also our…